Facing Foreclosure?

Homeowners facing foreclosure have a number of options.  It is easy to get overwhelmed, especially with the vast amount of information online, ranging from information saying there is no hope to websites claiming that any homeowner who fights hard enough can get their home free and clear of the mortgages because of some trick or tip.  The truth is that while a few homeowners have had the lender’s attempt to foreclose thrown out, this is the exception rather than the rule.

What is a homeowner to do?  By vigorously defending against a foreclosure case as soon as it is filed, the homeowner can obtain leverage against the bank attempting to foreclosure.  This leverage can be used to obtain a result favorable of the homeowner.  For homeowners wishing to keep the house, this result might be a loan modification.  For homeowners wishing to walk away, this result might be a cash payment to voluntarily move out and an agreement to not sue the homeowner for any deficiency on the loan.

Having an attorney with experience fighting foreclosure cases can help increase the odds of a good result for the homeowner.  Attorney Tyler W. Kahler has represented many homeowners and helped them obtain a favorable result in their case.  While many attorneys will help homeowners in a trial court portion of the case, many attorneys do not pursue the cases into the Courts of Appeals.  Attorney Tyler W. Kahler has represented many homeowners in appellate cases, and has experience handling a wide array of issues of appeal.

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